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Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano and Composition Lessons with Dr. Jared Starr

Dr. Starr is an adaptable teacher of all levels and ages.  He has taught violin, viola, cello, and piano lessons for over ten years to students ranging from ages 4 to 65 at beginner to advanced levels.  He also has been composing and arranging music since he was in sixth grade and is happy to begin offering composition lessons to all interested students.   In his studio, he utilizes the music software My Music Staff where each student (and parent) has their own online portal to record their daily practice and access weekly assignments, assigned repertoire, uploaded media, attendance, the studio calendar/lesson scheduler, payment options, history and invoices, and studio announcements. If you are interested in taking in-person or online 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute lessons from Dr. Starr, please see the tuition rates and contact him via email or by phone.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Starr guides students to discover their fullest potential as musicians and people.  In order for students to achieve this potential, Dr. Starr encourages students to strive for complete, but constructive honesty in their creativity, practicing, and performing.  By doing so, they can recognize their successes and where they can improve.  With varying personalities, backgrounds, work ethics, and sets of goals, Dr. Starr teaches each student vital skills in a way that is most relatable to him or her.  For violin and viola lessons his teaching style stems from years of pedagogical research and experience combining elements of the American String Teachers Association Certificate Program and Royal Conservatory Violin/Viola Syllabus with the strengths of methods by Samuel Applebaum, Barbara Barber, Evelyn Avsharian, Kurt Sassmannshaus, Shinichi Suzuki, and numerous others.  For cello, he incorporates additional years of research using sources such as the Royal Conservatory Cello Syllabus offering a wide array of repertoire and technical growth.  For piano, he utilizes Nancy and Randall Faber’s Piano Adventures designed for all ages of students.  For composition, Dr. Starr assists students in solidifying their music theory/history knowledge, exploring a wide array of styles to expand their creative prowess, and finding opportunities for their music to be performed.  Through Dr. Starr’s teaching methods, students receive a comprehensive music education so that they understand what they are doing beyond just playing or composing music.

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